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 All fullsize 96-2009 truck tunes on sale!  

All Prices Include USPS Priority shipping! 

 4.3/5.0/5.7/7.4  Gas engines

1996-1999  reg $395 now $339




 4.3, 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, 6.2 or 8.1 Gas engines.

1999-2000  reg $429 now $349

2001-2002  reg $495  now $399 

2003-2007 (Classic) reg $529  now $429 

2007-2009  (new style)   reg  $595  now $479



I am a Wester's flashing dealer, I can order and flash your Wester's tune directly into your vehicle if you are local to me in MA. or I can ship it to you in one of my PCM cores. When you receive it you ship back your stock PCM to avoid a core charge. I also offer stock GM programming PCM re-flashing and crank re-learn procedures.

I have in stock most year PCM cores and sometimes have surplus for sale if you wish to keep your stock PCM.

             Wester's Custom Tuning Exclusively distributed in the USA By     Advanced Products,  Butch Brochu owner,   Middleton Ma, 01949 

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Economy/Performance Tuning!


Sick of the crazy gas prices???  

Ask about our New E/P tuning with 3Dmapping!!!  This is brand new technology developed by Lyndon Wester. It gives you the highest possible gas economy AND the highest performance, all in one tune!!! Most are getting 2-4+ mpg improvements at steady cruising speeds, not just on the highway but at 30 mph and up!  This optional tuning can be added to ANY of our tunes, right on up to our dual Hot tunes. Is this great or what, great gas mileage and maximum performance all in one!!! Other "tuners" offer performance tunes, and they may offer economy tunes, but only Wester's offers both together in the best tune you can buy at any price! And with the lifetime trade-in policy*, lifetime upgrade policy and Lyndon Wester's 20+ years tuning experience standing behind these tunes, why even consider any other tune!


           What is Wester’s Garage Custom Tuning all about?                

Wester's has been in the engine tuning business for over 20 years, and offers customization at a level far surpassing off-the-shelf programmers. Wester's offers a number of programming options, from an 87-93 dual octane tune providing modest HP and torque gains up through a "hot" 91/93 octane tune that will most likely blow away any other programmer's so-called "hot" tune. While many handheld programmers claim performance gains, what they fail to tell you is that most of those gains are only available at the top end of your RPM range. Wester's programming will give you both HP and torque gains across the entire RPM range of your vehicle. Many vehicle owners will also experience modest cruising mileage gains ranging from 1 to 4 MPG.

Each tune is customized for your vehicle based upon the VIN of your vehicle. We first reflash and updates the PCM with the latest program available from GM for your vehicle and specifically for your exact vehicle Identification number, then modifies that program based upon the parameters you specify.


    My personal story with Wester’s!                 

 I found Wester’s about a 4 years ago.  He wasn't that well known then but I wasn't satisfied with the Hypertech and Superchips programmers I already had so I gave him a call. He is so knowledgeable and accommodating that I ordered one for my truck! Five days later I got it UPS. Took all of 10 min to swap it and remove the stock PCM, it is located between the battery and radiator under the hood. Wow, I was impressed. Instant BIG difference in throttle response and power. The "dead spot" under 3000rpm was much better, the torque management was gone and the shifts were crisp with no overlap. My truck felt like I put a big block in it! And I was getting better gas mileage running 87 octane with no pinging!  I found though that running 89, then 93 octane boosted the power AND boosted the gas mileage, so much that it ended up the higher octane was free, and so was the extra power. Since I was running 93 octane anyway, I updated to a  93 octane Hot tune and again got a big performance boost. Stock I ran a 16.1 in the quarter. With the 87 octane tune I ran a 15.6, and with the 93 Hot tune I ran a 15.2, all with no other changes and with similar weather conditions. My gas mileage increased 1-2 mpg around town and 2-3 mpg on the highway, hard to believe but true. We have just developed the brand new 91/93 Hot tune which I am now running. AGAIN a boost in power, especially in the low and mid-range.


How the process works!                 

When you order a custom programmed PCM from us, it is programmed for your VIN#. On 2007 Classic and earlier trucks the dealer cannot tell it is not the PCM that came with your truck, nor can they see that any custom programming has been done. It looks all stock to them. Before we load Wester's  custom programming, we flash all the latest GM updates into it for your VIN#, so the dealer will see it is completely up to date and not have to reflash anything. If by chance GM had an update in the future and the dealer reflashed the computer, just e-mail or call us and we will send another custom programmed PCM to you, no charge for life, (only a shipping and handling charge) when you get it and install it, check it out to make sure you are satisfied with it, then ship the original pcm core back to us. Also, if you ever make any changes to your truck in the future, like even larger tires, different gears, supercharger or whatever, E-mail or call us and we will send another custom programmed PCM to you, again only a small shipping and handling charge! If you sell your truck in the future and buy another, for the first one Wester's will credit your full purchase price paid toward the retail purchase cost of the new tune for the new truck plus $45. From then on tuning will be 50% of the retail cost of the tune for the second new truck, plus $45.. 

The previous truck must be returned to stock to take advantage of the upgrade policy. Please don't come to us after you've sold the truck with the tune in return to stock, no upgrade credit!


For most vehicles, you're never without the use of the truck because you don't send your core until you get the new one from us and install it!!!  

NOTE...the core exchange is subject to core availability. The 2005 and older fullsize truck pcm cores are usually not a problem and we have plenty in stock, but the newer Canbus computers (see pic) used in the Trailblazers and the new style 06-08 fullsize trucks and others are in short supply. Always check on availability when ordering a tune or update, some of the newer vehicles will require you sending us the pcm/tcm from your truck!           

If you have this new PCM, and an automatic trans, you may have a seperate TCM which we can tune too. 


                               This is what the new PCM's look like.                                          This is the old style PCM used in most all 99-2006 and 2007 Classic trucks.                          

If yours looks like this, check on availability of tuning. 

Currently the flash files for many of these PCM's are not yet in the GM database so we cannot flash a core and do a core swap like we do on most other PCM's. We can tune these, but we need either your vehicle at one of our flashing dealers, or you must ship the PCM to me in MA or to Wester's in Canada to flash the tuning.

Depends on the model, many newer diesel applications can only be done from Wester's in Canada. Most all gas applications including the new 07's and all LS2's are available from me in MA.

We have these style cores in stock for 1999 - 2007 Classic trucks and can tune most every vehicle with this style PCM. 

 We currently Support....

2007-2009 Trucks

2007+ Trailblazer
2007+ GMT 900 trucks with the following engines:
LY2 4.8L 305HP
LC9 5.3L 310HP
LY5 5.3L 345HP
LMG 5.3L 345HP
LY6 6.0L 369HP K
L76 6.0L 355HP Y
L92 6.2L 403HP 8

Please note that we do not currently support 6 speed Auto TCM programming by mail order.
We do support the 4L60E TCM.

2006 trucks
Trailblazer SS
Envoy/Trailblazer/Saab 5.3L V8's
Chevrolet HHR
All 4.8/5.3/6.0/8.1 and Dmax

2007-2009 cars
Corvette LS2 and LS7 engines
Pontiac Solstice LE5
Cadillac STS, CTS-V, DTS, XLR
Saturn Aura, Sky
Cadillac CTS-V LS2
Chevrolet Impala/Monte Carlo SS LS4
Pontiac Grand Prix GXP LS4
Chevrolet Cobalt LE5
Saturn ION LE5
Pontiac G6 LE5
Pontiac Pursuit LE5
Chevrolet Malibu/Malibu Maxx SS LZ9
Buick Lucerne, Lacrosse
Pontiac G6 LZ9

2007-2009 car engines:

LE5 2.4L
LZ9 3.9L
LZ4 3.6L V6
4.4L Supercharged Northstar
4.6L Northstar
4.6L RWD
LZ4 3.5L
3.5L E85
5.3 L FWD

2006 cars:

Chevrolet Corvette LS2
Pontiac GTO LS2
Cadillac CTS-V LS2
Chevrolet Impala/Monte Carlo SS LS4
Pontiac Grand Prix GXP LS4
Chevrolet Cobalt LE5
Pontiac Solstice LE5
Saturn ION LE5
Pontiac G6 LE5
Pontiac Pursuit LE5
Chevrolet Malibu/Malibu Maxx SS LZ9
Pontiac G6 LZ9

2006 car engines:
LE5 2.4L
LZ9 3.9L
LZ4 3.6L V6
4.4L Supercharged Northstar
4.6L Northstar in DTS
5.3 L FWD

2005 LS2 cars
2005 Corvette
2005 GTO
2005 Pontiac GXP

2005 Trucks
2005 SSR
2005 Trailblazer/Envoy V8

All pre 2005 GM trucks with 4.3/4.8/5.3/6.0/8.1/5.0/5.7, all Duramax and most all GM cars.




        Westers Performance Tuning Options                        



Octane level. Wester's performance tunes are now available with these octane choices:

In all our tunes, using higher octane will increase power and usually the gas mileage too!

The dual octane tuning, race mode Tow/haul and E/P 3Dmapping are only available in the 99 and up 4.8/5.3/6.0/8.1 engines


1)  Dual 87-91 Octane tune -- automatically adjusts for octane. Our basic working truck tune. Many improvements over stock.                                          

2)  Dual 89-93 Octane tune -- automatically adjusts for octane. More performance than the 87-91 tune, but requires using 89 minimum octane. (These dual octane tunes are recommended for all dual purpose (work/play) trucks.


3)  91 Octane HOT tune -- much more aggressive than the 87-91 dual octane tune. 91 Octane minimum recommended.(Recommended for pre 99 trucks  where higher than 91 octane fuel isnt available, like in California.)


4)  93 Octane HOT tune -- much more aggressive than the 89-93 dual octane tune. 93 Octane is recommended  (Recommended for pre 99 trucks.  Limited heavy towing or hauling for both these Hot tunes!)


5)  Dual 89-91 Octane Dual HOT tune...The most aggressive and hottest tune available for 91 octane limited areas!  Eliminates pinging issues with some engines running 91 octane by automatically adjusting to 89 octane level tune if pinging is detected.  91 Octane is recommended. Suitable for areas where only 91 octane is available, and occasionally 89 octane. (Recommended for performance trucks.  Limited heavy towing or hauling!)


5)  Dual 91-93 Octane Dual HOT tune...the most aggressive and hottest tune available!  Eliminates pinging issues with some engines running 93 octane by automatically adjusting to a 91 octane level tune if pinging is detected.  93 Octane is recommended. Suitable for areas where 93 octane is available, and occasionally 91 octane. (Recommended for performance trucks. Limited  heavy towing or hauling!)


6)  Diesel tunes in all HP levels from mild to wild.


Of course we can custom tune any of the basic program tunes to your specific requirements and modifications.


    The 87 Econ/Perf tune will run on fine on 87, and will run stronger on 89,91 or 93 Octane.

 87/91 and 89/93 dual octane tunes will be able to run with the lower octane in MOST conditions with good performance, or with the higher octane or anything in between when even more performance is wanted. The dual octane tunes are capable of tuning themselves automatically for a higher octane, and retuning again automatically again when a lower octane is used. The factory tune will only advance the timing to the limits set in the original spark tables. Filling the gas tank with at least 5 gallons of gas will trigger the automatic octane detection and  re-tuning feature in the Westers tuned PCM.

The  89/91 and 91/93 Dual octane Hot tunes should be run on the higher of the octane grade, (91/93 should be run on 93). These are our hottest tunes, the lower octane of the dual octane tunes is a safety so the tuning has a range to lower the tune level if pinging is detected due to a bad tank of gas. Running the dual hot tunes on the lower octane number gives the computer no place to back the tune down to and is not recommended. 

It's like getting a custom tune every time you fill your tank!!!


    Under MOST conditions, all the tunes will run fine with the octane programmed for, but altitude, towing, load, condition of the engine, temperature, poor fuel quality, oxygenated fuels, or sensor variations may require choosing a higher octane. Just be aware that under certain conditions a higher octane fuel may be required, and that more performance and sometimes better fuel mileage is available just by using higher octane.


Torque  Management and Abuse management Abuse management  is GM's effort to reduce transmission and drive train wear and breakage by reducing engine output through timing retard and forced throttle body closing during abusive maneuvers. The problem here is that GM believes acceleration from a stop is an abusive maneuver, as is punching the throttle during a highway merge. Both of these maneuvers cause an immediate reduction in engine power the characteristic fraction-of-a-second delay you experience when you try to make your truck move,  we completely eliminate the abuse management.  

In the transmission it is called Torque management. What this does is reduce engine power just before and just after every shift by reducing the timing.  We remove 75-80% of that, leaving in enough to be safe and protect the transmission and drive train.. We believe it makes for a safer and more responsive truck without introducing unnecessary wear on the drive train. The Remove most all option on the order form is appropriate for most owners and will give you maximum safe removal of these management controls.


Transmission shifting. This refers to how long of a delay there is between gear shifts and the pressure applied to the shift. The firmer the shift, the shorter the delay and the higher the pressure. GM sets shifting for smooth shifts, which gives their trucks more of a car-like ride. While this might appeal to some customers, the flip side of a smooth shift is that it actually shortens the life of the transmission due to the slip between shifts. We can increase the line pressure to give you a firmer-than-stock shift and reduce the shift timing to eliminate delay between gears.  An ideal setting for most customers is midway between Normal and Firm. Select Normal if you have installed a shift kit or other transmission shift modification.


Shift RPM. The RPM at which an upshift occurs at wide open throttle (WOT). The stock setting for stock trucks is usually  52 -5400 RPM. Some customers will want to leave this stock, but we recommend 5600 as the best all around shift point. 5800 RPM is the maximum recommended value for this parameter with stock cam and springs, but we can and will put this to any RPM you desire.


Speed limiter. GM trucks come programmed from the factory with a speed limiter set at appx 100 MPH. Most customers choose to set this at 130MPH, effectively eliminating the speed limiter. We can set this at any speed you request, just make sure your tires are rated for the speed cutoff you select!


E/P tuning with 3D mapping. This is an optional proprietary tweak to the tune that we add to all street to increase gas mileage.  The newest E/P tuning will give you Maximum fuel economy AND maximum performance!!  This is brand new!!! Most customers will experience modest mileage gains of 1-2 mpg around town, gains will vary depending on driving style and driving conditions driving. Steady cruising is where the E/P tuning is most noticeable!  Driving at most any steady speed over about 30 mph will gain you 2-4 MPG over stock, even with our hottest 91/93 tunes!


Tow/haul button. We can program this button for firmer shifting and a higher shift RPM.  If you plan on towing with your vehicle, leave this blank. Otherwise, check Race for added performance! We will normally  set race to shift 200 RPM higher and one step firmer shifts than is chosen in the tune itself. 

NOTE...The tow/haul button can only be programmed for transmission functions, shift points, line pressure (firmness) and torque converter clutch lock-up. It cannot be programmed for anything else.


Speedometer calibration for tire diameter.  Most assume that tires of the same size are the same diameter between manufactures. This is not always true, and diameters can vary as much as an inch, causing your speedometer to read incorrectly. If you have replaced your tires, even with the same size that originally came on the truck, do a rollout test or at least measure the loaded diameter of the tire to determine a true circumference. This will assure that your speedometer will get the correct calibration and will show your true speed. The loaded diameter is determined by measuring from the axel centerline to the ground with the full vehicle weight. The easiest way to take the measurement is to measure from the top lip of the wheel to the ground. Then measure the wheel lip to lip and subtract half of that measurement from the measurement you took from the lip to the ground. This will be your loaded radius, X2 is your loaded diameter. This will not be the same as the manufactures diameter data and will usually be 1-1.5 inches less. 

If you enter the manufactures diameter on the form, your speedometer will probably read incorrectly.

Easier to just give us the tire size, we know the correct calibration factors for all tire sizes!



Standard with all performance tunes

Complete reflash of the PCM to your VIN, with all factory updates.

Dyno developed performance tune optimized for your exact engine and transmission combination.

Raised and optimized shift points.

Firm, but not harsh, shifts.

Elimination of all abuse management and 70-75% of transmission torque management. (that is a safe amount!)


Some of the more common modifications to ask for.

Raising the top speed limiter to any speed you specify.

Specifying the exact shift points you want in every gear.

Firmer (or softer) shifts.

Specific tuning for your modifications, like larger than stock tires, gear ratio change, supercharger, turbo,  headers, cam change, higher stall converter, engine modifications, etc.  

E/P tuning with 3DMapping for economy


The Guarantee

We will get your tune right, or will re-tune it at our expense (with the exception of core return shipping) until it is!

Lifetime warranty (nominal shipping and handling fee)

Lifetime updates for all future mods (nominal shipping and handling fee)  

($25 S&H charge if you purchased the original tune from me, $45 if purchased from another dealer or Wester's direct) 

Standard USPS Priority shipping is included for all shipments within the USA.  

Next day shipping service or shipments to outside the US will be charged the additional actual shipping charges.

Lifetime trade-in credit toward your next custom tune for your next vehicle (If we do tuning for it) (nominal shipping and handling fee) See trade in terms below.

Re-tunes for a new vehicle on the lifetime trade in policy.  Full price paid upgrade credit toward your next vehicle custom tuning purchase, plus a $45 fee. * Whatever you paid for your original tune will be credited toward the tune for the new truck or vehicle!  After 1st vehicle upgrade, any following vehicle upgrades will be at 50% of retail pricing as currently published at Wester’s Garage website, plus $45.  (*To qualify for the trade in credit, we must reprogram your current computer back to stock. No return to stock, no trade in credit!)

*(NOTE… Upgrade trade in credits are non-transferable and can only be used by original purchaser, they can only be applied toward tuning for the next vehicle, and only if we have returned the original vehicle to stock. Trade-in credit cannot be used toward any other product but another custom tune done by Wester’s garage or by Advanced Products as Wester's dealer. The upgrade tuning must be a vehicle we do tuning for and may require bringing the vehicle to, or sending in the original pcm/tcm either to Advanced Products in MA, or Wester’s Garage in AB Canada for tuning.  The credit has no value other than the discount off another custom tune, absolutely no refunds for trade in credits. If you do not have a vehicle we can tune, we will hold the credit for three years following the date of trade-in.)


To qualify for the credit, we must have the tune back, or reprogram your computer back to stock , no return to stock, no credit!!

Please don't come to us after you've sold the truck with the tune in return to stock, no upgrade credit!

 The lifetime upgrade credit works like this, If you have a spare PCM, swap it and either send it in the Wester's tuned PCM, or just hold on to it. If you don't have a spare PCM, you will need a couple of weeks lead time!  You e-mail us, we'll then ships you a stock tune, based on your VIN#, when you get it, swap it in and ship the Wester's tuned PCM back to me (to avoid a core charge). When you get your new truck (or car) that we offer tuning for, we put together an order form, and the original purchase price, will be applied toward the retail cost of the new tune. There will be a $45 ship/handling fee, plus the difference in price (if any), that's it. Ship your new old pcm back as the core. 

NOTE...the core exchange is subject to core availability. The 2005 and older fullsize truck pcm cores are usually not a problem and we normally have plenty in stock, but the newer Canbus computers  used in the Trailblazers and the new style 06-08 fullsize trucks and others are in short supply. Always check on availability when ordering a tune or update!


For maximum performance and convenience, road testing with real-time data recording and direct loading of Westers tuning into your vehicle is available in some areas of the country. Please inquire for more details about this service. This service is currently available in the Dallas area of Texas and from my location in Eastern MA. Check with me!


Dual Octane tuning  and the term Hot Tune was developed by and is a trademark of  Westers Garage & Advanced Products



Contact me at with questions or to start the order process!  

We also have tuning for over 50 other models of both cars and trucks, contact me for info!

Check with me also about any current promotions or special rebate availability!


Interested in becoming a Dealer or Representative selling 

Wester's Custom tuning in your own local area? 

I currently have 32 Dealers and Reps in the U.S. 

Contact me, I am always looking for new associates! 

No cost or fee's and no quota's!! 

Sell part time at your own pace and make money doing it!


Butch Brochu

Advanced Products

Exclusive US distributor of Wester's Custom Tuning


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